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    Advanced Sets - Realistic, Robust, and Built for Play

    The fischertechnik Advanced line is designed for builders age 7 and above. Young builders get to develop their knowledge and capabilities with these sets. The models they construct are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but robust and sturdy in construction and built for play. Helps to promote creativity, hand-to-eye coordination, and essential motor skills.
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    fischertechnik Advanced Solar

    $34.95 $32.37
    (In stock)

    With this construction set, children can receive their first experiences with renewable energy in a fun way. The solar rotor, a combination of solar panels and a motor, is the key component of the three models and uses the power of the sun to rotate the propeller. The model helicopter, air boat and fan use solar energy to move. The play figure included in the kit brings even more fun to the playroom.

    Parts: 80
    Models: 3
    Age: 7 and above

    fischertechnik Advanced Tractors

    (In stock)

    Three different tractor models can be built from over 130 components. The three farm vehicles bring plenty of family fun to the playroom, and they all have realistic axle pivot steering. The play figure included increases the play value of this construction kit.

    Parts: 130
    Models: 3
    Age: 7 and above

    fischertechnik Funny Machines

    (In stock)

    With this new construction kit, kids age 7 and up can build their own engaging and fun filled chain reaction models. For example, in one model a weight falling onto a plate sends a ball rolling along an exciting course until it hits the fischertechnik building block, triggering a domino effect that makes the catapult launch. Use the building instructions to build three different chain reaction models. Your creativity knows no bounds. Young inventors can create their own exciting reactions, even integrating non-fischertechnik parts like dominoes or other toys into the course. An exciting and colorful starter set for young builders. Inspiring chain reaction videos are available on the fischertechnik website to help boost kids’ creativity.
    Ideal additions include the fischertechnik LED set, Creative Box 1000, and all construction sets in the fischertechnik “Dynamic” line.

    Contains 360 parts for building 3 fun-packed models

    Age 7 and up.

    fischertechnik Racers

    $11.95 $16.95
    (In stock)

    The speedy and attractively priced fischertecnik Racers with their functional steering bring guaranteed action to a child's playtime. The new design parts give you lots of options for customizing the little speedsters.

    • For children from age 7.
    • 50 parts for building 3 fun models!

    fischertechnik Universal 4

    (In stock)

    With a total of 40 models, children ages 7 and up can get a look at the world of technology through play. With the new building kit, builders can create vehicles with steering, bulldozers with crawler tracks, a construction crane, and much more. Some models, such as the transport helicopter with broadcasting tower or the construction site with truck, conveyor belt and barriers can even be built at the same time. The different thematic and play worlds offer a wide range of building and playing fun for kids. Thanks to the large number of included components, their creativity will know no bounds. The fischertechnik Universal 4 set is the perfect introduction to the world of fischertechnik construction.

    Contains 485 parts for building 40 different models

    Age 7 and above.

    fischertechnik Universal Starter

    (In stock)

    fischertechnik Universal Starter is a great introduction to technology and the fischertechnik building set. Models like the crane with cable winch and worm gear, the racing car with steering, the teeter-totter and many more, help young learners comprehend basic technology and mechanic concepts. As part of the fischertechnik universe, this set encourages creativity and includes components to build your own mechanical designs. Builders are inspired to explore the use of gears, basic building blocks, static parts, wheels and much more! Learn through play with the Universal Starter set.

    Funny Reactions

    (In stock)

    Just a little push is all it takes to start an exciting, action-packed chain reaction! The building instructions include three great models, but there’s no limit to the creative fun they deliver! Create great stories and exciting courses. Maybe you already have something fun at home to add to your next chain reaction?

    Coming Soon! Pre-order Now!

    Advanced Animal Friends


    The constuction set for sustainable play.

    • The material of the building blocks consists of at least 60% renewable raw materials
    • Environmentally friendly packaging
    • Animal models from fischertechnik for the first time
    • New colors

    Advanced Build Your Own Game


    Quick and easy to assemble...and hours of fun for the entire family!

    • 8 social and skill games in just one kit
    • Fun for the whole family
    • Extensive building and playing instructions

    Advanced Cable Car


    Span the distance of your favorite playroom with this classic building set.

    • 6 meters of rope
    • Discover zip line techniques
    • Fastening with vacuum pads, among other things

    Advanced Firefighter


    Cool fire engine model with extinguishing function

    • Soda bottle(s) as water tank (not included)
    • 4 water sprays
    • Experience sustainability through play