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    PANTONE Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

    $349.00 $467.00
    (1 In stock)

    For the first time, designers working in plastic can get a complete set of all 1,755 PANTONE PLUS Series colors as plastic standards with the PANTONE PLUS Plastic Standard Chips Collection.

    Pantone® Essentials

    $489.99 $662.00
    (1 In stock)

    Pantone Essentials contains some of Pantone's most popular solid, solid-to-process and process-only colors. It is the perfect starter set for designers, pre-press professionals and printers. Pantone Essentials offers colors for communication and matching on press, conveniently at your fingertips!

    Pantone® Plastics Tints and Tones Collection - For Commercial Users

    $799.99 $1030.00
    (1 In stock)

    PANTONE Plastic Standard Chips allow precise color specification and matching of every color in the PANTONE PLUS SERIES and FASHION + HOME Color System. Plastic Standard chips provide maximum creativity and control in the development of plastic products, including; consumer electronics, home furnishings, appliances, accessories and more, across multiple plastic substrates.

    Pantone® Smart Color Swatch Card in TCX Colors - Single Card

    $9.99 $13.00
    (1 In stock)

    Developing color palettes and insuring the right color from inspiration to final product has never been easier.