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    Robotics Sensor & Motor Training Kit

    $499.00 $999.00
    (47 In stock)

    Learn How to Control Motors, Sensors & Actuators with LabVIEW & NI myRIO.


    The Robotics Sensor & Motor Training Kit from Studica is an affordable and turnkey solution that allows you to teach your students how to control sensors and motors using LabVIEW and NI myRIO. It includes two project boards, one with different motors and the other board with most of the standard robotics sensors.


    (NI myRIO, LabView and computer are not included).

    Robotics Toolbox

    (0 In stock)

    Has two compartments on the lid for tools and electronics.

    • Material: PP
    • Size: 59*36*32cm (23" x 14" x 12.6")
    • Capacity: 55L

    TXT Controller 4.0

    (In stock)

    The control unit for fischertechnik robotic models. Special features of this compact and powerful controller include a color touch screen with swipe gesture recognition. voice recognition, Bluetooth and WiFi capability, a built-in speaker, SD card slot, USB Host, and much more.


    VMX Robotics Controller


    The Studica VMX is a powerful robotics controller with technology for enabling a rich development environment.  The VMX is a Linux-based computing platform with software tools and features enabling access to cutting-edge sensors.


    Used with the VMX Vision/Motion Toolkit for FRC (VMX-rtk) the VMX Robotics Controller can be used as a Vision/Motion Controller which can be used for FRC.