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    Education Verification

    Studica may require proof of your academic or non-profit status, for some items before the order is shipped. Special pricing is available to students, faculty, and staff meeting the minimum academic status requirements listed below.

    Parents, relatives, guardians, and friends can purchase for students as long as education verification is provided by the student.

    Many educational products are upgradeable to commercial versions. This will be stated on the company license agreement. For students, some software purchases are limited to only one copy. Some companies require their own specific signed License Agreement.

    Two options to become verified

    • Option one is our immediate verification process. Along with your first name, last name, and full name of your school, this requires the last for digits of your SSN and your date of birth.
    • Option two can take up to a few days to get verified depending on when you submit the information. This requires you to upload a currently dated student or staff card, or a transcript. More details below.

    What can I send as academic proof?

    Acceptable forms of academic IDs are as follows. You only need to send one form of proof.
    To be approved, the proof must show student/faculty name, school name, a current date, and student ID number for some manufacturers.

    • Currently dated photo student ID Card (If the ID card is not currently dated please submit a different form of Academic ID, listed below)
    • Currently dated photo Faculty ID Card  (If the ID card is not currently dated please submit a different form of Academic ID, listed below)
    • Currently dated class schedule with student name and school name
    • Currently dated letter from your school on your school letterhead (confirming you are currently enrolled/employed there for the noted academic calendar year)
    • Copy of recent pay stub
    • Official/unofficial current transcript
    • Currently dated tuition bill

    * Click here to see examples

    For Non-Profits: What proof do I need?

    You will need to upload or email a copy of your organization's 501c3 IRS determination letter.

    Sending your proof of current academic status;

    • Scan or take a digital photo of your verification and upload it at
    • Scan or take a digital photo of your verification and email it to us at with the subject as "Re: Order: 123456" *Replace 123456 with your order number.
    • Send by mail
    • Fax your verification to us at 877-754-2807. In the cover letter reference your order numb

    The following may qualify for purchasing at Studica

    • Non-Academic

      Many products on Studica do not require proof of academic status and can be purchased by anyone. If a product requires academic proof, you will be notified by email

    • College/University students

      Matriculating college, university and career school students

    • Students

      Registered students who can confirm current enrolment

    • Faculty/Staff

      Full and part time faculty and staff

    • Schools

      Please fax Purchase Orders to 877-754-2807 or call us at 888-561-7521

    • Non-Profits & Charities

      Many of the manufacturers we represent recognize the need for non-profit & charity organizations to do more with less. For this reason and others, many products are available to be purchased by charities and non-profit organizations.


    • If you have any questions or comments, please email us

    Eligible Educational Institutions:

    • All schools, public and private (higher education or K-12), Accredited Vocational Schools and Home Schools. Training Centers do not qualify.
    • Eligible Faculty and Staff: Faculty, staff and employees of the above acceptable institution.
    • Eligible Students: Currently enrolled students at a qualified school or home school as stated above.  Training Center students do not qualify.